Everlasting Series

Everlasting is an Adult series that follows magic-wielding elf Raena as she journeys to become the Goddess’ everlasting. It is comprised of Of Blood and Silver Runes and two unpublished titles: Of Swords and Shadows and Of Crowns and Fallen Stars.

Magic hasn’t appeared on Myrefall in generations, so when the elven queen’s Hunters attack a mortal region of the continent, elf Raena is forced to strike out through the perils of Myrefell. Alone. She ends up in the riskiest city for her kind: the capital of the mortal kingdom, ruled by the mortal King Rhutt.

Raena does her best to pass for mortal until the mysterious red priestess claims that she’s the answer to the city’s prayers, the everlasting promised to unite Myrefall. Her magic draws the awe of the city as she bestows divine blessings intended to help the lowliest among them.

Murmurs of disappearances in the lower city are whispered through the king’s court as Heles, the Demon King, plagues Raena’s nightmares. The imminent visit of an elven delegation has her taking matters into her own hands, jeopardizing her role as everlasting.

Darkness that has long kept to the shadows is threatening to spill into the light. If the Demon King escapes the shadow realm, the blood spilled will be on Raena’s hands. How many of Raena’s secrets can she divulge to protect those she cares for, with or without her magic, while keeping herself hidden from the Hunters?

Books in this series