Of Blood and Silver Runes

Magic returns to Myerfall on the brink of Everlasting darkness

Magic hasn’t appeared on Myrefall in generations, but that hasn’t lessened the tensions between elves and mortals. Raena lives a simple life, hidden away as the only elf in the mortal town of Moonbridge. An accidental burst of magic chases her from the snowy sanctuary, forcing her to navigate the perils of Myrefall. Alone. 

Pursued by the Elven Queen’s Hunters, Raena stumbles not only into the capital city of the Mortal Kingdom but into the king’s court. Approached by the mysterious red priestess who claims that Raena is the answer to the city’s prayers, the Everlasting, promised to protect them from the coming darkness.

Heles the Demon King threatens to claim her realm, but He requires Raena to open the portal. Raena works with the red priestess, using her magic to bestow divine blessings to help the lowliest among them to protect them from the darkness.

But Raena must balance her life as Everlasting and disguised as a mortal courtier. The imminent visit of an elven delegation has her taking matters into her own hands, jeopardizing her role as Everlasting. 

If the Demon King escapes the shadow realm, any blood spilled will be on Raena’s hands. How many secrets can she divulge to protect those she cares for while keeping herself out of Heles’ grasp and evading the Elven Queen?

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Of Blood and Silver Runes
Everlasting Book 1

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Everlasting Book 2
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