Everlasting Book 2

Book 2
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Nowhere within Myrefall will be safe from the coming darkness.

Despite the restlessness in her heart, Raena settles into a routine in Crystal Cove, dangerously close to building a new life. Until the arrival of a mysterious stranger sets her off toward the wood elves in Avondale. With a stranger at her side and magic still out of her reach, she wanders through new lands with the mission to recover the lost Sword of Illena, the only weapon that can stop Heles.

Black flame candles glitter within the palace in Aylesburg, while Brighton is faced with the seemingly impossible task of waiting for Claira’s next move while watching as the crown prince is submerged in new responsibilities that threaten to capsize him. Whatever lurks within the shadows rattles her dormant abilities, enough to risk exposing her secret to the court before she can uncover the truth.

Annalee has never felt as though she belonged in Avondale, and her return has only reinforced that feeling. Still shaken from her capture in Aylesburg, she struggles to cope with the anxiety of her trauma. If she can’t handle the coming night, she fears she might not be able to play whatever part in the coming fight the Goddess designed for her.

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